Social/Emotional Support

Within the first two months of acceptance into Robson Academy, testing is done that measures cognition, diagnostic academic assessment, attention, focus, auditory processing, visual processing, and long-term and short-term memory. These items are used to prepare an Individualized Plan for each child.

The right curriculum is like getting the right size for a shoe. Children, and the way they learn, come in all shapes and sizes; tall and short, slim and stout. Would anyone ever try to fit a size 12 foot into a size 6 shoe? Yet, when it comes to learning, square pegs often get forced into round holes.

These tests determine the right ‘fit’ for each child, thus giving us the optimum opportunity for educational and social/emotional success.

Because school is such a large part of a child’s day, a student who is satisfied and happy at school will often be satisfied and happy at home as well.

There are four areas of support that we provide for Social/Emotional Assistance. They include:

  • Emotional Regulation Skills: We teach therapeutic skills, tools and techniques as a part of the classroom experience.

  • Encouraging Classroom Environment: We pair students whose personalities can support one another. The class will often stay intact with the same teacher & students for a number of years.

  • Individualized Curriculum: We use an innovative approach, combining therapies & educational goals to create a plan that is designed to give calm, comfort & confidence for each student.

  • Family Consultation & Support: We offer year-round school and at-home support by coming alongside outside professional partners to help families find peace and connection at home.

  • Therapeutic Integration: We will consult with and integrate therapeutic goals into the daily education schedule. We also encourage therapists to come to the school.

Therapeutic Partners

How to Get Started

Step 1.


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a phone consultation to determine if Robson Academy is a good fit for your child.

Step 2.


We believe education is a mutual partnership. A face to face interview and facility tour helps us establish rapport and comfort level.

Step 3.


We create a plan together which includes individualized curriculum, therapeutic techniques, and family consultation.