What is an Individual Therapeutic Plan? (ITP)

Every child is different when it comes to learning.

Our program specializes in reaching the “outliers”. What do we mean by this? We mean the kids on either far end of the continuum. Because our program is tailored to each individual student, we have success with the students who may need extra support due to early trauma, learning challenges or diagnosis of some kind as well as those who may be ahead and want to work at an advanced or accelerated level.

So whether your student is an “outlier” student or somewhere in the middle of the continuum, our program works because it’s designed specifically to their individual strengths and needs.

Classroom Culture for Individual Growth

Our homeroom classes are called “family groups.” A “family group” consists of a 1:10 teacher to student ratio, and will be a combination of middle and high school students together. The students support one another, work with their teachers in direct instruction groups, and have time to work on their own unique projects and curriculum for their current level.

This is Individualized Therapeutic Education

Once your student has been accepted into Robson Academy, testing is done that measures academic level, attention/focus and emotional/behavioral skills. These items are used to prepare an Individualized Therapeutic Plan (ITP). These tests determine the right program for each child, thus giving us the optimum opportunity for educational and therapeutic success. How does this affect attitude? When a student feels safe and content at school, there is less of a need for negative behavior and a student’s natural curiosity for learning emerges.

Our goal is to develop a plan of action that will provide nurture and encouragement from sunup to sundown. We at Robson Academy work with the parents and the students to ensure each child has the best educational opportunity for their skills and abilities.  We want to work on these items at both school and at home.

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How to Get Started

Step 1.


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a phone consultation to determine if Robson Academy is a good fit for your child.

Step 2.


We believe education is a mutual partnership. A face to face interview and facility tour helps us establish rapport and comfort level.

Step 3.


We create a plan together which includes individualized curriculum, therapeutic techniques, and family consultation.