What is Track?

Robson Academy has developed a Track system that is designed to hone in on the specific needs of each student.

When a student is evaluated for acceptance into Robson Academy, the following process occurs:

  • 1. Phone Call: A conversation with parent(s) is set to discuss your student’s specific needs.

  • 2. Visit: If there is further interest, a tour is scheduled. This can include parent(s) and student.

  • 3. Shadowing: A half day of shadowing can be established for the student if desired.

  • 4. Enrollment: Once a decision has been made, a New Student Enrollment Form is sent in.

  • 5. Deposit: A $600 deposit is required to save your spot.

  • 6. Testing & Evaluation: Within 2 weeks of acceptance, your student will be Tested & Evaluated.

  • 7. SPIN ITP: Once Testing has occurred, you will be presented with a plan called a SPIN ITP.

  • 8. Track: As part of the ITP, we recommend a Track that effectively represents your child’s needs.

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Category Independent Guided Dependent
Dominant Need Environmental Change Added Support Focused Attention
Class Ratio 1:6-8 1:4-6 1:2-4
Track 1
Category Independent
Dominant Need Environmental Change
Class Ratio 1:6-8
Track 2
Category Guided
Dominant Need Added Support
Class Ratio 1:4-6
Track 3
Category Dependent
Dominant Need Focused Attention
Class Ratio 1:2-4

Want to Learn More?

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How to Get Started

Step 1.


Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a phone consultation to determine if Robson Academy is a good fit for your child.

Step 2.


We believe education is a mutual partnership. A face to face interview and facility tour helps us establish rapport and comfort level.

Step 3.


We create a plan together which includes individualized curriculum, therapeutic techniques, and family consultation.